About Us

We are a friendly non-profit making society which is run, by unpaid volunteers, for the benefit of all our members. We aim to provide help, advice and competitive products to members.
Formed in around 1931, we hope to improve the quality of allotments, for the benefit of the local community throughout the whole district.

We operate an allotment shop which is open :-
every Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm and every Saturday from 2nd February 2019 until late October 2019.
Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to join and new members are always welcome.
Annual membership Adults £3.00 Concessions £2.00 (due 1st January each year)

Please see price list below:-
Contact us via e-mail :- HaggLaneAllotments[at]hotmail.co.uk

Friday, 16 February 2018

Pottering around

Drum roll please...
Weather permitting, we are expecting to be heaving 20 oil drums off the back of the truck this Saturday, February 17th.  If you have ordered one, please try to come to collect it on Sunday.  We may have one or two spare if you didn't manage to place an order, and would like one.  £5.  If you are in the area, please come and help, as we are keen to avoid a Last of the Summer Wine moment on Hagg Hill. 

5 a day ...
We have just taken a delivery of different fruit trees and bushes.                         
Cherry Morello, Plum Victoria, Currant 'Red Lake', Vaccinium Patriot - Blueberry,  Vaccinium Spartan   - Blueberry, Raspberry Autumn Bliss, Raspberry Glen Lyon  
These were potted up last weekend, for the Plant Sales, but are available to members with immediate effect!  Now/soon is a good time to be planting, assuming that you can either batter a hole in the earth, which may still be standing hard as iron, or hold back the tide long enough.  (We're pretty much manning the lifeboats at the moment on Hagg Lane).

Pot luck
There's no truth to the rumour that a watched pot never boils, as the society pot will certainly be boiling on Thursday February 22nd!  10am - 12noon.  And there will be cake... and just a small catch.  Yes, we are holding a pot-sorting-out party (woohoo) on the society plot.  Dress code - casual, but gloves recommended. Many plant pots, in many different sizes, have been donated to us over the past few months, and we have now reached the point of needing ones of a certain size, only to be faced with an avalanche of the wrong pots.  Serious stuff!  So we have invented a fun game of chucking small, medium and large pots into different bags (BIG bags) and the person who sorts the most may even get a valuable mystery prize (which will probably look suspiciously like a goody bag of random pots...). If you can spare an hour or two, this promises to be a fun activity in the shelter of the polytunnel.  Go on!  You know you need to get out more. Following this wild party, we should be able to offer members the chance to boost their own collection of random pots
Seed dispersal
Itchy fingers?  It's almost time.  We will shortly be sowing seeds for the Plant Sales and welcome anyone who can help by nurturing a tray/pot of seeds for us.  We can provide the seeds, compost and pots (of course)!  You've only got to say, and we will hand over with unseemly haste.