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We are a friendly non-profit making society which is run, by unpaid volunteers, for the benefit of all our members. We aim to provide help, advice and competitive products to members.
Formed in around 1931, we hope to improve the quality of allotments, for the benefit of the local community throughout the whole district.

We operate an allotment shop which is open :-
every Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm and every Saturday from 2nd February 2019 until late October 2019.
Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to join and new members are always welcome.
Annual membership Adults £3.00 Concessions £2.00 (due 1st January each year)

Please see price list below:-
Contact us via e-mail :- HaggLaneAllotments[at]hotmail.co.uk

Monday, 17 December 2018

The weather outside is frightful....

but our fire is so delightful…
And so this heralds our annual invitation to you to join us for a festive cuppa and a mince pie or two (or a less Christmassy cake, or sausage roll or vol au vent ), next weekend – December 23rd – between 9.30am and 12.30pm. We will be celebrating the season in our traditional way in the Society Hut, and the tea and coffee will be flowing throughout the morning, along with good cheer and our usual riveting conversation.  In addition to the excitement of the beverages, we hope, also, to be able to crown our two potato growers of glory, and lavish them with a certificate and a round of applause. They will probably be signing autographs.
We very much hope that you will be able to join us, and that you will be able to make the most of this opportunity to pick up some stocking fillers from our extensive range of baubles and trinkets (… well growbags, pelleted chicken manure and items from our slug slaying range).  If you find that you are free, please come along at any time during the morning.
Seasons Greetings!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Free greenhouse for collection

"We have a greenhouse we no longer require and would like to donate it to a good home - see attached photos.  We don’t want any money for it but would require anyone who wants it to come and dismantle and remove it as soon as possible.  We are in Crosspool"

Friday, 2 November 2018

Sunday best

We will not be dressing up especially, but this is to remind you that the Allotment Society Hut will be embarking on its annual (partial) hibernation as from now.  The volunteer team are already making plans for Saturday morning duvet parties (which will not be taking place at the hut…) but we will still be very pleased to see you on Sunday mornings, when we will be open for business as usual.  Our opening hours remain as 9.30am -12.30pm, and the fire and kettle should be on the go at most times in between.  The cake makers are beginning to limber up for festive offerings, and a rumour of a swiss-roll-off has been circulating.  Such simple pleasures.

For those of our members who may regards themselves as more serious gardeners, there is still time to place an order for potatoes etc, and we still have one or two bags of autumn planting onions and garlic available if you’re quick.  The merchandiser has been freshly stocked with Mr Fothergill seeds, and we are able to offer a discount on purchases costing more than a tenner.  This also applies to items which are not in stock, but which we may be able to order for you.

In spite of the current drought-like conditions, many local allotment holders are choosing to cover their plots during the winter season, to protect the soil from the inevitable deluges, to minimize the loss of nutrients, and to suppress weeds.  Should you be considering this option, we have a number of different ground cover materials in stock.

Our autumn work parties have failed to get going yet, but the time is nigh!  Depending on the weather, Saturday November 10th is looking like a possibility.  If you are interested in helping doing a bit of cutting back and tidying up, and are likely to be free, please let us know.

So, we will now be closed on Saturdays, until the excitement of the potato delivery drags us from our beds towards the end of January.  Not to mention the second annual potato in a bucket competition

Friday, 14 September 2018

Last of the summer whines

Too hot!” “It’s too dry!”  “If only there was a bit of a breeze!”  With Florence making things exciting over the Atlantic, and knowing that we usually get the dregs of their weather, it all now seems like a distant memory.  So it’s time to put my pathetic harvest of potatoes into storage, and start pondering my 2019 planting.

Next year’s potato/onion and other stuff order form below.  We are pleased to inform you that we are now taking orders, and expect the delivery on Friday January 25th 2019.  Advance payment will secure your order.  You will also remember that we now have in stock overwintering onions, garlic, peas, beans and green manure.  Oh, and hyacinths.  All of these are available for immediate purchase.
We had an exciting weekend weighing in buckets of potatoes 2 weeks ago, and are delighted to announce that Malcolm Lee has been crowned King of Spades. Or should that be Spuds?) Malcolm’s harvest weighed in at 6.4kg, and an enormously valuable trophy will be presented to him shortly.  Congratulations to Malcolm, but also to John McConnon who was snapping at his heels, with his crop weighing in at only 200g lighter. John, however, did turn in the largest individual potato, at 405g, and a similarly valuable trophy will be presented to him too.  Well done to everyone who took part!  Special mentions to: Bernard Maddison, Rob Woodford, Corinne Lakin, Roger Kay, Pam Houson, Ann Kingstone,  Jeff Underwood, Cara Gray, Bev Underwood, Sid Bethell, Gordon Baker, Nick Taylor and Kevin Kitchen.

Following the success of this year’s just-for-fun competition, we are already planning for next year, and will make a few tweaks in the light of experiences.  Malcolm has sportingly shared with us the secrets of his success, and we will aim to provide some growing tips.

Potato buckets and the designated potatoes will be available when the potatoes are delivered in January.

 Many congratulations also to Bev and Jeff Underwood, who were winners in the Bolton Cup competitions.  Society volunteers, they have worked tirelessly to knock their plot into shape, and they can be very proud of what they have achieved this year!
Crosspool Open Gardens
Back in July, we participated in the Open Gardens event and, as a result of this, we received a number of donations, and we have used these to purchase an allotment from the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts scheme.

Working parties
There are a few overgrown areas appearing on site, and we hope to have a couple of sessions in the near future to bring these back under control.  Look out for an email inviting you to join the party!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

2019 Seed Potato & Onion Order Form

Some like it hot.....

… but the Bank Holiday has been typically cool, my fleece and thermals have found their way back out of the cupboard, and my fingers have been hovering over the thermostat for the central heating.  It certainly feels as though autumn is on the way, in spite of some of the papers promising us yet another heatwave.  And all this can mean only one thing.  It’s time to gather in the harvest AND start planning for next year!

In chronological order:

Buckets of potatoes are due for their grand weigh-in next Saturday, September 1st.  If you have entered this new competition you should have received an email giving you details.  However, we are aware that one or two entrants have slipped through the (inter)net, so if you have not heard from us please consider this to be your official summons.  We will be eagerly manning the weighing scales from 9.30am until 12.30pm, and will make every effort to be fair and impartial. We will do our very best, also, to make allowances for the date, as long as we are informed.  Please get in touch if you have any concerns about this.

At last – a delivery is expected on Friday September 7th.  Fresh supplies of compost will be being heaved off the lorry, and we are pleased to invite you to come and join in the quaint Hagg Lane Allotment Society custom of trying to dodge the pallets.  This will probably be followed by a game of “hunt the scissors” on Saturday. Seriously, please come to help if you can.  8.45am for 9am.  Tea and cake will be provided to boost morale and energy levels.  It never fails to be an enormously fun occasion, and, besides, we have never lost a volunteer…yet… Let us know if you can join us, or just turn up on the day if you find yourself free.

Autumn planting onions, garlic, peas and beans and green manure will be arriving with the delivery.  Consequently, these will be available for purchase from Saturday September 8th

An order form for next years potatoes is now available online and on paper (hopefully..) from September 1st.  

The volunteer team are looking forward to seeing you again very soon, and trust that you have had a productive season on your plots and in your gardens.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Autumn Planted Crops 2018

We are now taking orders for the following quality Autumn planted crops and bulbs:-

"Senshyu" Japanese Onion Sets 500g (80-100 bulbs) £1.50
The original "Japanese overwintering onion". Semi-flat and yellow with brown skin which mature late June. Feed with "Nitro Chalk Onion" fertiliser.
"Blood Red" Japanese Onion sets 500g (80-100 bulbs) £2.00
A northern European variety produced to withstand harsh climates. Oval in shape, light red in colour, it has an excellent flavour and is a heavy cropper less prone to bolting.
"Thermidrome" Autumn planting Garlic 125g (3 Lge bulbs) £1.60
Commercially grown variety with soft neck producing large bulbs of good flavour.
"Douce Provence" peas 250g £1.50
A cross between Meteor and Kelevdon Wonder. Very early, round seeded excellent cropper. For sowing November - February
"Aquadulce" Broad Bean 250g £1.50
The standard overwintering variety. Good cold tolerance producing compact plants with high yields.
"White Tilney" Mustard (Green Manure) 250g £2.00
A quality quick growing Mustard variety which develops a high level of green matter. Sow Aug-Sept at 5g/sq metre.
"Forage" Rye (Green Manure) 250g £1.20
For sowing Aug-Nov at 9g/square metre for turning in Apr-May. Suited to most soil types particularly heavier soils.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Hanging the bunting

If your invitation to Windsor has got lost in the post, but you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the happy couple - why not pop along to our second Plant Sale weekend. Providing that you get there early enough, you should be able to find fresh stocks of bedding plants, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and leeks to name but a few. The cake bakers are back on duty, the compost humpers are limbering up, and down, and teabags are poised and ready. We still have a few growbags for all those lovely tomatoes, and 8ft bean poles are flying off the shelves.
Free to lend a hand?
The gazebo team will gladly train up new recruits at around 4.45 on Friday, and this also makes an excellent spectator sport. To me, to you etc. On both Saturday and Sunday we will be open from 9.30am until 2.30ish. Again, if you would like to help out in any way, we will be pleased to see you. There is always tea to be supped, and cake to be scoffed... and you would also be most welcome to join the catering crew...
Come along to see if we can help you plug the gaps in your planting schedule. Better still, if you have any surpluses to share we will happily acknowledge your superior growing skills.
This weekend. May 19th and 20th! (You can always watch the wedding highlights on the news, again and again and again).

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Break in at Walkley Bank Allotment Society

“Just to let you know we suffered a break in at the society shop/hut last night?
A volunteer called into see what they have taken . 
All 4 strimmers, 2 of them broken, 1 the battery one & the other one is just been given. They went through stationary drawer , metal cupboards .
 Also a couple of boxes of weed killer sachets went. 
Brian has fixed door shut from inside. shewill inform police later. Have also let Ceri know. On a positive note they didn’t trash the place..

So yet again:
  • Did anyone notice anything yesterday eve- today afternoon? let us know about anything suspicious.
  • Watch our shop and your huts. If you are out and about do a  drive past, and keep an eye out for these scumbags. (they'll be doing locals over as well probably)
  • Look out for your neighbours and let other sites know.
  • If you see anything report it. If a break in is actually  occurring phoning 999 it is acceptable if a criminal is in the act.
  • If you find out afterwards it is 101 that you call. Still report it.
  • Report things to Ceri at the allotments office.
  • Mark your property - make it less saleable/easier to trace
  • try not to store valuable kit on allotments.
WBAS team”

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Suspicious Van On Hagg House Allotment Site

"Just down on the site today and spotted some suspicious looking folk in a green ford van. They (man, woman and baby) let out a couple of young lads in long black tracksuits down the top lane and then drove down to the middle lane a few minutes later, it looked like they were picking the lads back up... they then drove to the bottom lane where I was, took a good look at me and Matts van, turned round and drove of back up the hill. I managed to snap a pic of the number plate. It’s got no tax or mot so I called 101 who confirmed that and said that it was registered out of the area. The police said that if anyone has had anything taken to report it in and give the reff no: 411 07/05/18. 
Im really hoping that my miss marple antics today are totally off the mark and we have some nice new allotment holders that are just a little behind on their bills..."

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Eats, shoots, leaves - this weekend!

No.  We’re not staging a grammar convention.

It’s our first PLANT SALE weekend!  Saturday and Sunday – 9.30am to 2.30pm

The contents of the poly tunnel and cold frames have yet to succumb to an attack of super slugs (at time of writing), and we will be starting the weekend well-stocked with fruit, veg and flowers - and slug pellets, compost and growbags.
Additionally, our tea-brewers are honing their teabag squeezing techniques (with apologies to the teapot brigade), and the cake crew are looking only a little battle-weary from much beating and sieving. Simple pleasures.
The pricker-outers and potter-uppers, on the other hand, are flopped in the corner like  damped-off seedlings, poor things.
Volunteers welcome.
The Plant Sale usually turns out to be a pretty hectic event for the regulars, and we will be truly grateful to anyone else who can offer any help.  If you can spare an hour or so we will be delighted to see you. JUST TURN UP!!!!
Friday evening – setting up from 4.30pm (probably until sun down)
Saturday – from 8.00am – labelling, serving, selling, carrying, brewing, advising (haha!) – until 2.30pm
Sunday – from 8.30 am – as above, plus some brow-mopping.
Additionally, donations will be welcome at any point during the weekend – surplus veg seedlings, plants and cakes.
The weather?  Well, who knows what to expect.  At the moment the forecast is for factor 50, but the skies are still leaden at the moment, and it’s still pretty chilly.  Flip-flops or wellies?  Better be on the safe side!  Thermals!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

2018 Plant Sales

Friday, 13 April 2018

Spectacular view of part of the Hagg Lane Allotment Site

Spectacular view of part of the Hagg Lane Allotment site. (Photo by 6000.co.za on FLickr)

Monday, 9 April 2018


With the help of a local grower, we have ordered some superb specimens for growing on. These will hopefully be available next weekend and we are selling these for only £1.50 or (4 for £5). There are many different varieties and colours to choose from.

2018 Plant Sales

Friday, 16 February 2018

Pottering around

Drum roll please...
Weather permitting, we are expecting to be heaving 20 oil drums off the back of the truck this Saturday, February 17th.  If you have ordered one, please try to come to collect it on Sunday.  We may have one or two spare if you didn't manage to place an order, and would like one.  £5.  If you are in the area, please come and help, as we are keen to avoid a Last of the Summer Wine moment on Hagg Hill. 

5 a day ...
We have just taken a delivery of different fruit trees and bushes.                         
Cherry Morello, Plum Victoria, Currant 'Red Lake', Vaccinium Patriot - Blueberry,  Vaccinium Spartan   - Blueberry, Raspberry Autumn Bliss, Raspberry Glen Lyon  
These were potted up last weekend, for the Plant Sales, but are available to members with immediate effect!  Now/soon is a good time to be planting, assuming that you can either batter a hole in the earth, which may still be standing hard as iron, or hold back the tide long enough.  (We're pretty much manning the lifeboats at the moment on Hagg Lane).

Pot luck
There's no truth to the rumour that a watched pot never boils, as the society pot will certainly be boiling on Thursday February 22nd!  10am - 12noon.  And there will be cake... and just a small catch.  Yes, we are holding a pot-sorting-out party (woohoo) on the society plot.  Dress code - casual, but gloves recommended. Many plant pots, in many different sizes, have been donated to us over the past few months, and we have now reached the point of needing ones of a certain size, only to be faced with an avalanche of the wrong pots.  Serious stuff!  So we have invented a fun game of chucking small, medium and large pots into different bags (BIG bags) and the person who sorts the most may even get a valuable mystery prize (which will probably look suspiciously like a goody bag of random pots...). If you can spare an hour or two, this promises to be a fun activity in the shelter of the polytunnel.  Go on!  You know you need to get out more. Following this wild party, we should be able to offer members the chance to boost their own collection of random pots
Seed dispersal
Itchy fingers?  It's almost time.  We will shortly be sowing seeds for the Plant Sales and welcome anyone who can help by nurturing a tray/pot of seeds for us.  We can provide the seeds, compost and pots (of course)!  You've only got to say, and we will hand over with unseemly haste.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Seed Potatoes

Our seed potato and onion delivery arrived today and all pre-orders will be available for collection from 11am tomorrow. We now have over 28 different potato varieties, onions, shallots and garlic on general sale to those of you who haven't ordered.

A big thank you to the dozen or so volunteers who unloaded, weighed out and made up orders.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Drumming up business - one for the pot

We have been offered the chance to assist in the recycling of a fairly large number of 50 gallon steel oil drums, which are no longer required by one of our members. They can be turned into effective incinerator bins, or may even help you along the way to giant carrots.

If you would be interested in obtaining one of these bins, please come to the hut to see us by February 4th.  They will cost £5 (to cover the cost of transport to the hut), and anyone wanting one will need to pay this in advance of their delivery.  We will then arrange for the arrival of those that have been pre-ordered, by the end of February. We will not be able to store extra bins that have not been ordered, on account of their size!
Meanwhile, next week the cake bakers will be swinging back into action, as our 2018 potatoes and onions are expected to arrive on Friday 19th January 9am usually turns out to be 8.45am, and, while we are not expecting a leaning tower of pallets, we would like to invite anyone with an hour or so to spare to help with the unloading, and the weighing out extravaganza that will surely follow.  Hopefully most of the fun will have been had by midday, but you will appreciate that many hands will make lighter work.  Let us know if you can come, or just turn up as usual!
POTATOES, ONIONS, AND THE REST, WILL THEN BE AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION, OR PURCHASE, FROM THE HUT on Saturday 20th January, from 11am.  From this date, we will once again be open on both Saturdays and Sundays.  As usual, we would remind you that it helps us greatly if you can collect orders as soon as possible, and it should also be noted that popular varieties can sell out quickly. 
And what about the Great Potato Pot Off?  This year we are staging a bit of a competition (for fun?). We have purchased 30 heavy duty, 30 litre pots, and for a nominal fee, to cover costs, entrants will be awarded a pot, 2 potatoes and a copy of the rules. Both potatoes are to be grown in the one pot, and it is anticipated that the competition will come to an end at the beginning of September.   After the final weigh-in, count-up and measurement-taking, the pot and crop will belong to the grower.  We are hoping that a number of small prizes will be awarded!  This competition is limited to the first 30 applicants who turn up with their nominal fee.  I am sure that there will be a stampede…

Monday, 8 January 2018

Potato Update 08.01.2018

We still have over 20 varieties of potatoes to order and are expecting the full delivery mid to late January 2018.
Items close to selling out are:- Arran Pilot, Kestrel, Maris Bard, Maris Peer, Cara, Nadine with large stocks still available to order of  Allotment Society favourites Charlotte, Desiree and Pink Fir Apple.